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From Cleopatra Wong to Cosa Nostra Asia

Hot off directing Cleopatra Wong and Cosa Nostra Asia, 1970s Filipino exploitation director Bobby Suarez then brought us into Manila's criminal underworld with... Devil's Three . When an underworld kingpin's daughter is kidnapped by his own men, he calls in Singapore secret agent Cleopatra Wong, a beautiful karate queen who rounds up her team that includes a 300+ pound psychic named Madame Rotunda and a flamboyant ex-cop.  If the synopsis didn't hook you, we're not sure what will. Perhaps this unnamed reviewer may pique your interest with their review, " Devil's Three  may be the very definition of entertainingly-bad. It’s not unintentionally funny because it’s a dubbed, low-budget action movie; it’s intentionally jokey – I’m also guessing that Suarez knew how the dubbing would turn out – and only just misses the mark at being family friendly." And there's more, "The fight scenes are rather lackadaisically-choreographed – in some scenes you ca