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Billy Crystal, Brad Bird, and Animalympics

For those who caught yesterday's amazing interactive Google Doodle video game in 16bit featuring animals playing Olympic-like games, then do we have something special for you! What better way to usher in the 2021 Olympic Games than with this deep cut that is so absolutely worth every inappropriate, animated moment.  Allow us to introduce... Animalympics . In this animated film, animals from all around the world gather to stage and compete in their own Olympic games, which feature a variety of summer and winter sporting events. “Broadcast” on the fictional “Zoo Network” that brings out the beast in sports, the Animalympics features a motley cast of furry friends hellbent on some not so friendly competition in a series of outlandish Olympics-style games. And the animal puns run for miles. Gilda Radner, Billy Crystal, and Harry Shearer provide dozens of fantastic voices like Barbra Warblers, Cora Lee Perrier, Tatyana Tushenko, Rugs Turkell, Joey Gongolong, Art Antica, Keen Hacksaw,