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Grin and Bear It

What's with all the bear movies? Like Antz and A Bug's Life, Dante's Peak and Volcano, Deep Impact and Armageddon, Hollywood loves to overdo a good thing and now they're doing it with bears! But who isn't? Two upcoming bear movies, Cocaine Bear and Blood and Honey, are are attacking theatres as we speak. But fun fact, they are "virtual" bears. If you want some real bear action then check out what we got on TheArchive . We don't have "Pablo Escobear," but we do have Grizzly . It remains to be seen what Cocaine Bear can cook up at the theatre but  Grizzly   r anked among the most successful films of 1976. Grizzly  was produced on a $750,000 budget, becoming   the most successful independent   motion picture of of that year, earning more than $39 million worldwide. It's good to note that Grizzly boasts a crew of more future Academy Award winners and nominees per capita than most legit Oscar films! Eight in fact! Sink your teeth into that. O

Dating Show Trainwrecks and Other Romantic Indulgences

It's that time of year again folks. Break out the tissues and indulge in the never-ending drama that is reality dating shows. Even TheArchive has a couple reality trainwrecks.  Don't bother with actual relationships. Instead, watch a bunch of people find love in a controlled environment while the producers pull the strings off camera. Plus this year, the only new romantic comedy we get during the peak of American romantic contrivance is from Netflix starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. What year is this, 2003? Next thing I'll see is a red envelope in my mailbox. might as well fall in love with  TheArchive' s latest reality fare: Watch as potential lovers go on a series of " Turbo Dates :" surreal, absurd meetups in super speed while on the search for love and companionship. Watch a woman on a date reveal her looks before plastic surgery in a bad attempt at vulnerability, or a twisted dude looking for a woman who will lie to him. Hot.  Why A

Cancelled? Fox, Super Bowl Sunday, and Roseanne?

The Super Bowl is here, and so is...Roseanne? Yes, as a matter of fact,  TheArchive  has a one two punch for you, a twofer if you will that brings you football and Roseanne. But more on that in a moment.  First Roseanne. It's been nearly a half decade since Roseanne was "cancelled" and now Fox Nation has helped her claw back with a new comedy special  Roseanne Barr: Cancel This! , premiering Monday  on Fox Nation . Roseanne has been pushing this hard across recent football games and no doubt Fox will have something up their sleeve to support her on Sunday. Roseanne also has a doc debuting the same day on the Fox Nation streaming service,  Who Is Roseanne Barr? There is something to be said about the presumed power and draw of Roseanne, who joins Kelsey Grammer and Kevin Costner in the network's attempt to bring eyeballs, that Fox is driving so much awareness around her in hopes she boosts subscriber numbers for the nascent streamer.  And we say - good luck and we hope

Black History Month: Reflection and Action

This Black History Month, we pay deep respect and homage to the late Tyre Nichols and reflect on the urgency of systemic change.  The significance of Black History Month serves as a reminder that the contributions and experiences of African Americans have been integral to the fabric of American history and must be fully recognized and celebrated.  Yet despite progress in some areas, many African Americans continue to face disparities in, among many other areas, the criminal justice system.  Tyre's tragic and reprehensible demise conjures a story we hear far too often.  In the summer of 1985, Edmund Perry, a 17-year-old Harlem resident and honor student, bound for Stanford University in the Fall, was gunned down by a plainclothes police officer. Murder Without Motive tells Perry's story of more than 20 years ago, yet it seems all too eerily familiar. Edmund Perry has everything going for him after he graduates with a scholarship to attend Stanford. With his dedication paying of