Harmony Amidst Chaos: The Inspirational Journey of Rasha Hamad and Devorah Schramm in 'Beautiful Music'

With the positive news of Israelis and Palestinians being returned to their homes in the Middle East conflict, we wanted to take the time to highlight the documentary Beautiful Music streaming on TheArchive. Beautiful Music is a perfect example of how peace, love, humanity and art can help establish connections and friendships between Palestinians and Israelis even through geopolitical chaos and upheaval. 

In this documentary, Rasha Hamad, a 36-year-old Palestinian girl hailing from the northern West Bank, grapples with blindness, mental disabilities, and severe autism. Her ability to play the piano is an extraordinary outcome of an unexpected partnership with Devorah Schramm, an Orthodox Jew, which commenced when Ms. Hamad was just 11

Devorah Schramm, an American-born pianist and composer who relocated to Israel in 1975 with her husband Lenn. Settling in Gilo, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Devorah, a devoutly religious woman, started teaching piano both privately at home and at the Jerusalem Conservatory of Music. 

The Conservatory's director summoned Devorah to her office, where she met then 9-year-old Rasha Hamad. The caretakers explained that Rasha exhibited exceptional piano skills beyond their ability to teach. Known for taking on students with diverse learning disabilities, Devorah hesitated due to heightened tensions between Israelis and Palestinians during the first Intifada. However, witnessing Rasha's natural musical talent and recognizing the child's need for a teacher, Devorah overcame her reservations and accepted the responsibility. 

Over the course of 18 years, enduring two Intifadas and navigating the fluctuations of the peace process, Devorah dedicated herself to providing piano lessons to Rasha at least twice a week. Developing a unique system that correlates numbers with piano keys, Devorah played a pivotal role in transforming Rasha into an accomplished pianist. Not only can Rasha perform intricate musical pieces, but she also composes her own original music. 

Within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, art emerges as a potent tool for fostering connections between historically divided communities. Through diverse artistic expressions, individuals on both sides have discovered a means to communicate the shared aspects of their humanity, surpassing the political and geographical barriers that typically keep them apart. 

For example, Palestinian artists can employ their skills to portray the resilience and fortitude of their people in the face of adversity. Israeli artists also have the ability to present narratives that resonate with the shared experiences of individuals impacted by the conflict. Through their artistic expressions, they can illustrate the intricacies of life in a region characterized by tension and fear. 

In conclusion, as the Middle East conflict evolves, the documentary Beautiful Music on TheArchive is a compelling testament to the transformative power of art, tolerance, and empathy. 


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