Still and Always Michael J. Fox

It's hard not to admire 
Michael J. Fox known for his iconic roles in "Back to the Future" and the TV series "Family Ties." Also well known for his battle with and embrace of Parkinson's, he relentlessly shines and has been quoted as saying it has been a "gift."

Fox is a prominent advocate for research and awareness of the disease and continues to work in the entertainment industry making a positive impact on the lives of others through his foundation and his art.

With his most recent star turn in documentary "Still," about his life, Fox is as feisty as ever saying, “I’ve got shit going on. I’m a tough son of a bitch.” 

Indeed he hasn't lost his spark getting feisty on talk shows and commenting on career choices like passing on "Ghost," a choice that has him refer to himself as a "fucking idiot."

Well, one movie he did not pass on was High School USA from 1983. In fact, an entertainment news magazine of some repute is quoted as saying this TV movie features, "some of his funniest and most underrated work."

As we've shared in the past, this zany NBC pilot turned back-door M-O-W, is on TheArchive, and features a who’s-who of TV stars like Todd Bridges, Dana Plato, Tony Dow, Ken Osmond, Bob Denver, and Dawn Wells. Other well-known actors rounded off this cast, including an uncredited Brad Pitt.

The highlights of this lovable American school title are the scenes with Crispin Glover, Nancy Mckeon and Anthony Edwards.

We always like to call out that a casting director must have watched High School USA and loved the chemistry Fox had with McKeon, who starred opposite Fox in "Poison Ivy" and with Glover, who ended up playing George McFly in "Back to the Future."

In all, we are honored to have a Michael J. Fox film in our library. His unwavering spirit has been an inspiration to individuals facing similar health struggles, encouraging them to persevere and find joy in life's moments, no matter the circumstances. Fox's legacy extends far beyond his acting career, as he remains a symbol of hope and resilience for millions around the world.

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