TheArchive's Top Ten Movies of 2022

Each year at TheArchive we like to recap our ten most watched series and features.
Let's start with our top ten features. We see that our audience has a preference for the beach and summer. We don't blame you, especially now since it's winter where we are and pretty chilly.
Also chilly is #10 on the list - a bit of an outlier among the other nine - so jump in, the water's warm, and see what you watched the most in 2022.
#10 with a bullet, A Mother's Revenge

In A Mother's Revenge, Carol Sanders' (Lesley Ann Warren) world has com
e crashing down when her young daughter (played by NXIVM cult member and convicted felon Allison Mack) is raped. Despite his criminal record, the man is acquitted. In a moment of rage, Carol shoots him and is now on trial herself. Academy Award nominated Bruce Davison plays the father. Fun fact: Annnette O’Toole also stars who was featured alongside Allison Mack in Smallville.

The Whole Wide World, our 9th most watched, is the true story of Novalyne Price Ellis (Renée Zellweger) one of the greatest pulp fiction writers of all time and her torrid and turbulent affair with Robert. E. Howard (Vincent D'Onofrio), the great pulp writer of the 1930s. 

At #8 is our Pamela Anderson Lee doc: get her in all her Baywatch glory and hear from other nobel laureates including David Hasselhoff, David Chokachi, and Shannon Tweed as they wax poetic about her contributions to this planet and to porn.

Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys is #7 and stars Bruce Greenwood as Dennis Wilson. This definitive tale of the legendary band is told from the brotherly relationship of the late Dennis Wilson and his genius but troubled brother, Brian, almost 25 years before Love & Mercy. It features an incredible Beach Boys soundtrack.

In #6 Innocence Betrayed, Alex Madison is on a routine business trip and is looking for anything other than the rote. When he meets the beautiful Linda, he throws caution to the wind and embarks on a sordid affair for the ages; or at least for the remainder of the short trip.

Wet and Wild Summer comes in at #5 and stars Elliot Gould and Julian McMahon of Nip/Tuck. It's about a young American who visits Australia to close a land development deal for his father. His plans change however, when he falls for the attractive club owner who's trying to hold on to her land.

#4 is Bikini Model Academy. T.J. and Benji lose their girlfriends so they start a home-grown bikini modeling academy to make money and meet new girls. However, a rival modeling school tries to shut them down. Morgan Fairchild and Gary Busey star.

When a married couple move into their new home, the wife suspects that a dark presence lurks among them. Her suspicions are proven correct when a devil sends a succubus to seduce her husband. Welcome to Serpent's Lair coming in at #3.

In #2 Alto, Francesca “Frankie” Del Vecchio (Diana DeGarmo) is adamant about many things in life. Headstrong and passionate, she loves her family, her band, and her fiancé; but disagrees with all of them about one thing: "Mob Hit" a TV show symbolizes the fetishizing of Mafia culture that to Frankie obscures all the more important aspects of the Italian American culture she longs to feed her soul. 
And #1 is American Beach House, where six lucky strangers receive an all-expense paid trip to an amazing beach house. But once they arrive, the winners soon discover they must share it with each other. Hilarity ensues in this Mischa Barton and Lorenzo Lamas two-hander. And the tag says it all. "It's the most fun you can have." That copy editor now works for a local street sign rewrite department.

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