TheArchive's Streaming Stocking Stuffers

Each holiday season we dig deep into TheArchive to provide something nostalgic that brings back that festive feeling. This year, for each day of Christmas, we're giving you another reason to watch. 

So grab a comfy place to relax, curl up with some cocoa and popcorn (or just a splash of eggnog) because we've got 12 streaming stocking stuffers waiting to be unwrapped. 

What better way to start than the antithesis of current release, Violent Night. 

In MY SANTA, MY DAD, Gordon Covington's job keeps him from numerous family obligations. When he misses Christmas with his wife and kids, a grievous situation leads to his transformation into Santa Claus himself.

You can see how one may confuse the two....

Next up is a "Soviet-based film" to celebrate the recent release of Brittney Griner.

CANDLES IN THE DARK features Alyssa Milano, Chad Lowe, and Max Schell. Set in Soviet-occupied Estonia, a beautiful young American falls in love with a handsome rebel leader. She becomes caught in a web of intrigue as the rebels attempt to defiantly celebrate Christmas.

CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK features a young Jungle boy named Ari, along his animal friends, Winner, Fox & the Owl, decide to leave their jungle paradise to experience Christmas in New York City! While Ari is excited to visit the city, he also wants to write a letter to Father Christmas, hoping to reunite with his parents in time for Christmas.

In UNLIKELY ANGEL, TheArchive's most popular Christmas movie, like nearly every film she does, Dolly plays a country music singer who meets an untimely demise and learns she can’t enter heaven until she performs a good deed back on Earth. To earn her wings, she must find a mother for a widowed father and his two children in this endearing film of hope and love.

SPEND THE HOLIDAYS WITH LIBERACE? Who else could be better? Liberace invites us to his Thanksgiving musical celebration, playing both songs that invoke the spirit of the season and classic hits. With help from a string quartet led by his older brother George, Liberace serenades a live turkey as a farewell commemoration.

CHRISTMAS FROM HOLLYWOOD is a look at how Hollywood portrayed Christmas back in the simple days, featuring the Hollywood Christmas parade, clips from movies about Santa Claus, and Christmas carols sung by movie stars and more.

In BABY OF THE BRIDE, Bill Bixby (Yes, David Banner AKA The Incredible Hulk) directs Rue McClanahan who (surprise!), at age 53 is pregnant! Against her husband's wishes, she decides to keep the baby. However, she isn't the only one in the family who's expecting: Margaret's daughter (Kristy McNichol) is also due soon.

In CHRISTMAS LILIES OF THE FIELD (1979)after having recently come home from war, Homer returns to the chapel that he helped build years before. Inspired by a nun's faith and selfless devotion, he builds an orphanage and school for the children who have taken refuge there.

In SANTA AND THE THREE BEARS...two young bears, Nikomi and Chinook, have no knowledge of Christmas until a local park ranger relays its legends to them. Stirred by the stories that they've been told, they grow more and more curious to meet Santa Claus himself. Their mother finds it impossible to commence winter hibernation when the cubs wish to stay awake in order to witness Santa's arrival.

THE SIDE SHOW CHRISTMAS: As Christmas approaches, Jason Shanks watches his father's side show hit rock bottom. Jason's father, Sandwell, driven to desperate measures, kidnaps Santa Clause and hypnotizes him into being the new headline act. In order to save Christmas, Jason must get Santa back on his sleigh, reconcile with Sandwell, and revolutionize the Most Unbelievable Show on Earth.

THE CHRISTMAS STALLION: When Gwen’s grandfather dies, he leaves her the farm and horses that they’ve raised together, but places her under the legal care of her uncle. When a greedy land developer pesters the family, a decision regarding whether to sell the farm rests solely on her uncle’s shoulders.

THE LOST SEASON: Well the artwork is cute enough. And weird. It's Canadian. Do they do Christmas?

Try these over 12 crazy nights of streaming and have a Happy Holiday from TheArchive!

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