Tropical Heat: Canada's Sweating Bullets

In Tropical Heat (aka Sweating Bullets) Nick Slaughter (Rob Stewart), is an ex-cop and DEA agent, who drops out of society after being fired from his job. He relocates to the fictional Florida town of Key Mariah to start a detective service with a scrappy travel agent, the beautiful Sylvie Girard (Carolyn Dunn). 

It's a recipe for thrills, exotic locales, and lots of action. So it should be no surprise this series aired on CBS the home of other like-minded classics including Magnum P.I.. In fact it was part of CBS' umbrella series of content "Crimetime After Primetime."

This is where it gets fun so pay attention. Known as Sweating Bullets in the United States, it was a Canadian production in partnership with Mexico and Israel. Season one was shot in Puerto Vallarta, then season two in Eilat, Israel. Season three was shot in Pretoria, South Africa and Mauritius.

Nick Slaughter portrayed in Serbian comic "Strip protest", by Aleksa Gajić, as a student protest of Slobodan Milošević's regime.

And while it never made its way during shooting to Serbia, the series was wildly successful there actually gaining cult status. Nick Slaughter's character became a role model and symbol of opposition politics. True story, local bars in Serbia took on the Tropical Heat moniker as a Nick Slaughter homage, many of which were also located along their rivers as a further send up of the series' location showcasing "The Key Mariah Spirit."

Created by Emmy nominee Sam Egan, Tropical Heat aired between 1991 and 1993. It also boasts some interesting cameos including Kelly Rowan, Mia Kirshner, Traci Lords, Lawrence Taylor, and some of Rachel Weisz' earliest work.
Stream all 66 episodes of Tropical Heat this summer on TheArchive. Or head to Serbia and see if you can find a pub with the same name!

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