Hot Summer Nights

We've curated a list of “hot summer nights” viewing made to help you turn up the heat just a little bit more courtesy of hot stars including Don Johnson, Renee Zellweger, Matt Dillon, Cybil Shepherd, and Liz Taylor. 

So chill out on the couch this weekend with some familiar faces and stream away….

We kick off with The Long Hot Summer starring Don Johnson and Cybill Shepherd. We meet a handsome southern drifter who secures a job at Will Varner's mansion. Varner's daughter and daughter-in-law vie for the handsome drifter’s attention, while he sets his sights on Varner’s fortune.

Mark Harmon and Elizabeth Taylor star in Sweet Bird of Youth, an adaptation of Tennessee William's masterful melodrama about an aging movie star who, appalled by her own image on the screen, flees from her movie premiere and goes into seclusion falling headlong into a sordid affair with Mark Harmon's character, Chance.

The brilliant Nicolas Roeg, who helmed the amazing Donald Sutherland starrer Don’t Look Now, directs.

Matt Dillon leads Liar's Moon
. Summer in 1940s Texas finds two teens on opposite sides of the tracks falling hopelessly and forbiddingly in love. 

Here’s a fun one starring Kojak and Michael Knight! David Hasselhoff, Joan Collins, and Telly Savalas star in The Cartier Affair. After Curt Taylor is severely indebted to the top dog at California State Prison and released, he takes on the only job he can get - using his guile to romance a wealthy older woman so he can steal her jewels and settle his debts. 

We feature this one every once in a while but 
Renée Zellweger turns up the hotness in this period drama starring Vincent D’Onofrio.

The Whole Wide World is a true story of Novalyne Price Ellis (Renée Zellweger) one of the greatest pulp fiction writers of all time who has a torrid and turbulent affair with Robert. E. Howard (Vincent D'Onofrio), the great pulp writer of the 1930s.

Did we?

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