Shark Week? We Got Jaws With Claws!

If you need a break from multiple networks flooding the airwaves with shark content, look no further than TheArchive where we boast our own animals gone wild list. It's Everything But Sharks Week.

This first one ranked among the most successful films of 1976.

Grizzly was produced on a $750,000 budget, becoming the most successful independent motion picture of of that year, earning more than $39 million worldwide. Of course that's a year after Jaws debuted with a $470 million dollar take on a $12 million budget. But dollar for dollar, while Jaws was more profitable, the ratios are not that far off.

Grizzly boasts a crew of more future Academy Award winners and nominees per capita than most legit Oscar films! Eight in fact! Sink your teeth into that. One of them must have been responsible for blowing up the bear much like Jaws saw its demise a year before....

Grizzly was directed by WIlliam Girdler and produced by the wildly bizarre and ironically prolific, notorious enigma and embezzler Edward Montoro who disappeared off the face of the earth in 1985.

Girdler and Montoro pose with a one sheet from their Grizzly follow up Day of the Animals

Girdler and Montoro are back a year later and this time with a $3 million price tag and Leslie Nielsen in Day of the Animals.

In Day of the Animals, a psychosis brought on by depletion of the Earth's ozone layer affects all animals at high altitudes. A group of hapless hikers must survive the animal onslaught and make their way to safety, even as the psychosis turns them against each other.

Leslie Nielsen doing his thing shirtless.

We have more....

In Uninvited, starring George Kennedy and Rob Estes, a scientific corporation of ill repute loses control of “The Uninvited,” a poisonous, mutant cat that inhabits the body of a benign house cat. At the behest of two attractive co-eds, the Uninvited is offered lodging aboard the luxury yacht of a duplicitous banker en route to the Cayman Islands to escape criminal prosecution by the SEC. Widespread carnage ensues. This one features the first cinematic  appearance of the "Flerken" that Captain Marvel originated in the comics years before. No one said Greydon Clark was original

Mutant is a legit good little freaky creature feature.

Tim Curry, Grace Jones, and Lesley Ann Warren star in Wolf Girl!

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