Hang Ten With TheArchive

As summer officially kicks off, kick back with all our favorite surf and sand favorites.

We bring you...TheArchive's Hang Ten:

#1 Marcia Gay Harden stars in The Wine of Summer. When a great play inspires James to go on a journey of self-discovery, which leads him to Spain, he ends up getting tangled in a web of desire, love, and broken trust.

#2 Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys stars Bruce Greenwood as Dennis Wilson. This definitive tale of the legendary band is told from the brotherly relationship of the late Dennis Wilson and his genius but troubled brother, Brian, almost 25 years before Love & Mercy. It features an incredible Beach Boys soundtrack.

#3 Wet and Wild Summer starring Elliot Gould and Julian McMahon of Nip/Tuck is about a young American who visits Australia to close a land development deal for his father. His plans change however, when he falls for the attractive club owner who's trying to hold on to her land.

#4 In American Beach House, six lucky strangers receive an all-expense paid trip to an amazing beach house. But once they arrive, the winners soon discover they must share it with each other. Hilarity ensues in this Mischa Barton and Lorenzo Lamas (wait, what?!?) two-hander. And the tag says it all. "It's the most fun you can have." That copy editor now works for a local street sign rewrite department.

#5 Long Hot Summer is based on a series of stories by William Faulkner and stars Don Johnson (in the Paul Newman role) and Cybill Shepherd.

#6 Four years before the the series of nearly the same title starring the unmentionable, and a year before they starred in the cult hit "Summer School," Mark Harmon and Kirstie "Scient-Alley-gy" showed their romantic comedy chemistry in this a little known 80s gem Prince of Bel-Air.

#7 Welcome to Paradise stars Shelley Long and Ian Ziering. Longtime friends who take off for Spring Break at Paradise Beach, Florida, prove they've still got it! 

#8 Two years before his breakout role in Mad Max, Mel Gibson stars in his very first film, a surfer flick called Summer City alongside Phil Avalon. 

#9 In Breaking Loose: Summer City II, we trade in Mel Gibson for a Swayze doppelganger and meet a disillusioned teen who makes an escape to the Australian coast to stay with his mother's friend. It doesn't take long for him to realize that the adults are just as lost as him. Don't forget to watch the first Summer City above or you'll be totally lost.

#10 Nope. Not Ryan Reynolds. Made ya look. In Liquid Bridge, Surfer Nick McCallum refrains from going pro after his dad suffers from a surfing accident. But when the family business goes sideways, Nick has no choice but to chase those winnings and risk it all in the most epic surfing competition ever.

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