New on TheArchive Channel: Winter 2023 Wrap-Up

Now that it's officially Spring, we invite you to explore the magic of our recent 4K restorations and film and TV dug out from TheArchive this past Winter. These timeless titles have been lovingly revitalized to offer an unforgettable viewing experience that bridges the gap between the past and present. 

Dug from TheArchive:

Colonel Bleep: The Malicious Mailman

In this previously lost episode, Colonel Bleep molds molten sunbeams into life-saving protective solar shields. These shields protect from Dr. Destructo's moon-powered lunar luger! As shields are being prepared for shipment at Postal Station #1, Dr. Destructo sends a metallic monster with an X-ray gun to weed out the packages with solar shields. Will Colonel Bleep be able to save the day?

Relatively Speaking 

A game show in which a panel of celebrities attempts to guess the identity of a famous relative by asking yes or no questions to the non-famous contestant. The show is hosted by John Byner, and celebrity guests include Phyllis Diller, O.J. Simpson, Lou Ferrigno, Tommy Lasorda, and more! Relatively Speaking has the ability to humanize celebrities and reveal the familial bonds that connect them to everyday people, providing an incredibly entertaining evening for all members of the family, young and old. 

Now Restored in 4K: 

Summer City 

In the 1960s, four friends head north of Sydney to throw a beach bachelor party for Sandy. When Sandy rejects Boo's suggestions for the weekend's debauchery, tension rises to a boiling point. At a local dance night, Boo gets close to a teenage girl named Caroline, whose father owns a caravan park. Caroline's dad learns about what transpired between the two and searches for Boo with a loaded gun. Two years before his breakout role in Mad Max, Mel Gibson stars in his very first film, a surfer flick called Summer City, alongside Phil Avalon.

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot is a British television series that debuted in 1956. It graced the ITV network with its presence. Leading the show was William Russell, who portrayed the titular character Sir Lancelot, a Knight of the Round Table during King Arthur's reign in the mystical city of Camelot. Now you can watch all 30 episodes of this historical classic in 4K!

Two Undercover Angels 

In this fun and twisted film from director Jesús Franco, two sexy female detectives working for the "Red Lips" detective agency try to solve the disappearances of models, actresses, and exotic dancers, leading them to meet a mysterious underground pop artist who creates sadomasochistic paintings.

A Father for Brittany
Keith and Kim Lussier are a childless couple who have been given custody of a three-month-old foster child named Brittany. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when Kim passes away of cancer in the middle of the adoption process, and Keith is left to fight for Brittany's custody on his own. Based on a true story.


Emily Shaw and her son, Kerry, are moving to San Antonio after Kerry is involved in a bad drug deal. While leaving Los Angeles, Emily and Kerry meet Jayne, who offers to cover their travel expenses in exchange for a ride to Texas. After Kerry steals a suitcase full of money from Jayne, Emily must save herself and her son from Jayne and the criminals with whom she associates.

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