Spring Forward 2024!

Happy Spring Equinox! Falling this year on March 19th, the Spring Equinox is more than a point in time when the earth’s axis and orbit line up to create a day with equal day and night. Throughout human history, cultures worldwide have long observed spring equinoxes as a time of renewal, rebirth, and interconnectedness with nature. 

Ancient traditions, such as the Persian Nowruz, the Mayan Vernal Equinox, Ostara, the Wiccan holiday, Passover, and the Christian Easter, pay homage to this season of rebirth. Rituals and ceremonies, from planting seeds to dancing around Maypoles, symbolize the awakening of life and the promise of abundance. 

Just as the earth’s ice thaws and the cold weather comes to an end, people are encouraged to reflect on what stagnant energy needs to be shaken off and what new projects we want to start. Spring Equinoxes can be celebrated by clearing out your home of clutter and all the heaviness of winter, exploring nature, and observing the seasonal shift outside. 

In the spirit of celebrating nature's rejuvenation, let's explore two films available for streaming on TheArchive that resonate with the themes of renewal and connection to the natural world:

  1. The Magic Door: Struggling to accept a new stepmother in their lives, Sally and Liam run away from home and find themselves thrown into the adventure of a lifetime. They befriend Raglin, the world's smallest troll, and help him find his way home after 2,000 years of exile. Along the way, the children must help him overcome his archenemy, free the Fairy Princess, and come to terms with a new mother. The Magic Door features Aaron Taylor-Johnson of Kick-Ass and Nocturnal Animals as Flip, and it is a heartwarming tale that reminds us of the wonder of nature and finding your way home.   

  1. City Boy: Nick leaves a Chicago orphanage in lieu of the Pacific Northwest in search of a place that feels more like home. When he finds work and unwittingly becomes involved in a scheme to steal lumber, Nick must protect his boss and the lovely Angelica. In order to thwart theft and fight encroaching deforestation, Nick must learn to live in the Northern forests, which he now calls home. Nick learns to appreciate the beauty of the Northern forests and the importance of living in harmony with nature. City Boy features James Brolin of Westworld (1973) and The Amityville Horror (1979), as well as Sarah Chalke of Scrubs and Rick and Morty. 

These two films inspire us to embrace renewal, connect with nature's magic, and welcome the season's blossoming possibilities. As nature awakens from winter, it reminds us of our own opportunities for personal growth and transformation. Just as plants emerge from the soil and reach toward the sun, the spring equinox encourages us to do the same. 

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