Unlikely Angel: A Cozy Christmas Movie with Dolly Parton

The shortest day of the year is just around the corner—Thursday, December 21st! That's right, it's the winter solstice! As the world braces itself for the longest night, why not make it extra special by cozying up with films that capture the essence of Christmas and Winter? And we've got just the movie to kick off your solstice movie marathon: Unlikely Angel, a 1996 film directed by Michael Switzer, featuring none other than the legendary Dolly Parton as well as Roddy McDowall. 

In the heartwarming world of Unlikely Angel, lounge singer Ruby Diamond, played by Parton, meets her untimely death due to being killed in a car crash, only to discover that her entry into heaven relies on her doing one selfless act on back on Earth. She is denied entrance into Heaven by St. Peter because of the selfish way in which she had lived her life. For penance, she must reunite a family by finding a mother for two children and their widowed father. This leads to hilarious misunderstandings as the sassy Ruby struggles to complete her task before the Christmas deadline. 

Dolly Parton's character, armed with her heavenly charm and some sass, sets out on her mission to bring love and healing to this broken family. The movie becomes a delightful exploration of the transformative power of compassion and kindness, which is what Christmas is all about. So, here's to the winter solstice, to Dolly Parton's celestial adventures, and to the belief that even in the chilliest of seasons, human kindness can warm you up. Happy Holiday’s and Merry Christmas! 


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