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Whether you're seeking an adrenaline-fueled escape or a serene retreat, our "As Seen on Travel Channel" collection will transport you to breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and awe-inspiring experiences that ignite the imagination. 

So as you prepare to embark on your own summer journeys, make one of those destinations TheArchive.

Exotic Islands takes you to more than 50 stops around the globe. This in-depth adventure-documentary is a guide to the world’s most exotic islands, from French Polynesia to New Zealand, from the Indian Ocean to Tasmania, from Hawaii to Malaysia and beyond! Hosted by supermodel and television personality Hunter Reno, dive into slices of paradise found among islands all around the world.

In Curious World, take a trip to witness the outlandish, the outrageous and, sometimes, the downright dangerous. We will see what happens at some of the world's most extreme festivals, visit a few of the most wacky and eccentric towns, learn about the unique foods for adventurous eaters, and take the ultimate tour of the most lavish available hotels across the country.

Route 66: A Cruise Down Main Street is a unique celebration of an American legend and a glittering tribute to the road that came to symbolize roadside culture in the 20th Century.

Wild Carpathia takes you from Transylvania’s stunning national parks to the Danube Delta where you're sure to get a unique insight into a landscape that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Over the course of four episodes, we meet a glittering array of characters from local shepherds, environmentalists, and artisans to rockstars and royalty all dedicated to preserving what has become Europe’s last true wilderness.

From Palm Springs to Florida to the British Isles, there are plenty of world-renowned golf courses to enjoy and explore in Golfing America. Hosted by Joe Roberts, this series will take you to the top golfing destinations in the world. Go behind the scenes and see the spots frequented by Hollywood stars, as well as exclusive interviews and quick tips with golfing legends including Phil Mickelson, Arnold Palmer, John Daly, Jack Nicklaus and celebrities like Bill Murray, Bob Hope, Clint Eastwood, Dennis Quaid, Joe Pesci and some Presidents too: Donald Trump, Gerald Ford.

If you're not exhausted from 18 holes, we have 30 episodes of swinging tennis resorts in Tennis World. Hosted by Susan Hunt, this series covers the fabulous and picturesque tennis resort destinations around the world. Take a trip to Bermuda, Mexico, France, the coastal regions of the United States, and more! Plus, get exclusive interviews and quick tips from some of the great tennis superstars and legends of our time.

Host Judith Moen takes us across the country to showcase some of America's charming inns, made perfect for a romantic getaway. From the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between—there's an inn for anyone to enjoy. Join us as we explore each town through leisurely activities and local delicacies.

In Mysterious Places with Stacy Keach investigate the world’s most intriguing lost cities, bizarre formations, and sacred sites. Travel from the Mayan Yucatan to the depths of Loch Ness, and learn about the legends from King Arthur's time to the ghosts that haunt Tombstone. Hosted by Stacy Keach, the series features all original footage, filmed on location throughout the world.

Bon Voyage on TheArchive.


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