Keach In Sink

From the Blacklist to the Bard, big birthday wishes to one of our favorites here at TheArchive, Stacy Keach. What better time to celebrate the voice of CNBC's American Greed than during the inanity of the debt ceiling insanity.

He has done it all! A seasoned and immensely talented actor, Keach has captivated audiences on every screen and stage for decades with his commanding presence, undeniable charisma, and remarkable range of performances. Keach has consistently delivered memorable and nuanced portrayals, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry and on the realm of Shakespearean theater. With a voice that commands attention and a mastery of language that brings the Bard's timeless words to life, Keach has garnered acclaim for his powerful and soul-stirring interpretations of Shakespeare's most complex characters. 

Whether embodying the tormented Hamlet, the regal King Lear, or the cunning Richard III, Keach's Shakespearean performances have dazzled audiences with their depth, passion, and unwavering dedication to the craft. Whether he's embodying iconic literary figures, complex villains, or compelling real-life characters, Keach's magnetic presence and impeccable acting skills have made him a true force to be reckoned with.

Here's a few of our best from Mr. Keach:

26 episodes of Mike Hammer, Private Eye see Keach working the chaotic streets of New York - and it's no easy gig. But Hammer is no ordinary private eye. Mickey Spillane's legendary detective puts grit and hard-boiled sleuthing into the 1990s with new cases, a new team, and plenty of new danger. Constant mystery, peril, seduction, and deception are the norm for this streetwise sleuth.

In Amanda and the AlienAmanda, a young Bohemian artist, falls in love with an attractive human-eating alien and teaches it how to be more human even as government agents are hot on their trail. Nicole Eggert and Stacy Keach star.

Mysterious Places with Stacy Keach is the definitive documentary series investigating the world’s most intriguing lost cities, bizarre formations, and sacred sites. Travel from the Mayan Yucatan to the depths of Loch Ness, and learn about the legends from King Arthur's time to the ghosts that haunt Tombstone. Hosted by the incomparable Stacy Keach, the series features all original footage, filmed on location throughout the world.

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