Restored in 2023

Happy New Year from TheArchive.

Just when we thought it was safe to start a new year, we've been hit from every side of the dramatic prism that is 2023.

First we had the truly shocking collapse of Damar Hamlin on the football field. 

Then we had the collapse of government with Congress' gridlock in setting a Speaker of the House. 

And if that wasn't enough, there's Idaho.

It's a new year and despite it all...time for renewal!

Since there is so much occupying our anxious attention we thought we would invite you to take a moment of pause, relaxation, and mindless restoration. 

And we definitely know a thing or two about restoration. Over the last year and more we have been restoring content in our library to 4K grandeur. So take a break, throw on that new 4K flat screen you got over the holidays, and check out some of our beautifully restored movies and series.

In Mutant, two brothers go on vacation in a small southern town, and discover that most of its residents have been infected and have turned into toxic vampires prowling the streets for human blood. 

Ann Jillian stars as Mae West in a biography of the legendary, curvaceous, and sharp-witted actress who scandalized Broadway and Hollywood in the 1920s and 1930s with her frank approach to sex. James Brolin, Piper Laurie, and Roddy McDowall also star.

Tunnel Vision brings you victims posed as expressionist paintings. Fits of jealousy. Sadistic manipulations. For two inspectors, what begins as a homicide case becomes a dangerous game of desire, suspicion, and murder.

An underworld kingpin's daughter is kidnapped by his own men in Devil's Three. To save her, he calls in karate queen Cleopatra Wong, along with her teammates: a 300-pound psychic and a female impersonator.

In The Great Escape II, a former POW leads a special task force to hunt down the culprits responsible for carrying out the orders to murder 50 of the 76 escapees from Stalag Luft III. The film features the exploits of Major Johnnie Dodge, an American-born British Army officer and cousin of Winston Churchill, and largely follows his journey to freedom after the escape. Jud Taylor and Paul Wendkos co-direct
Christopher Reeve, Judd Hirsch, Ian McShane, and Donald Pleasence.

So make your escape with dozens of 4K restored gems streaming free right now on TheArchive.



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