King: Man of Peace in a Time of War

Martin Luther King Jr. often quoted other iconoclasts to punctuate his messages. One such quote from Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables was especially prophetic and came during King’s 1968 appearance on the Mike Douglas Show. "Where there is darkness, crimes will be committed. The guilty one is not merely he who commits a crime but he who cause the darkness.” 

King went on to explain that sometimes those who commit acts of atrocity are mere byproducts of a darkness to which they have become unwittingly subjected. It seems King, more than 50 years later, is as prescient as anyone could have imagined. 

In ‘King: Man of Peace in a Time of War,’ his profundity is highlighted through never before seen speeches, TV interviews, and quiet moments of reflection. In all, they weave together yet another series of threads in a tapestry not nearly finished. 

In this rare documentary, King is joined by other disruptors including Quincy Jones, Hugh Hefner, Jesse Jackson and Colin Powell who adds his own prescience, “It takes pressure, it takes marching, it takes demonstrating, it takes those forces that make democracy work. We should be very proud of what we are able to do. The danger is thinking it’s all done.” 

Indeed we are not finished. 

Says King, “We've come to a tragic period in our nation when we equate dissent with disloyalty. I believe firmly that it is necessary to have these moments of dissent in order to challenge something that may be leading the whole nation down the wrong path." 

Has much changed in the five tumultuous decades since King's words were first spoken to punctuate his own message of “militant nonviolence?” 

This doc certainly helps shine a beacon of hope in the right direction.

Click here to watch King: Man of Peace in a Time of War.


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