Get Into Light, Get Out and Vote

It’s less than a week until midterm elections in America: Democrats and Republicans are ramping up their efforts to epic heights as the balance of power across both aisles is still anyone’s game. Every major race is dead even in the polls or within reach for either party.

But today we pour through TheArchive not for prognostication but rather a sense of grounding around the critical need for free and fair elections and what it took so many Americans to gain that access.

Into Light is the life story of legendary women’s rights activist and suffragette Inez Milholland.

A prison reformer and crusader for African American equality, Milholland was a leading American suffragist who paved the way for the 19th Amendment’s ratification.

This timely film about turn of the century suffragette Inez Milholland is set just four years before the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920. It celebrates Milholland’s rise to social action prominence through her aggressive fight to, against all odds, rally support for a woman's right to vote. The very right for which she protested, wrote, lobbied, marched, and practiced civil disobedience to achieve, but did not live to see pass into law; a true story of a woman who gave her life, so that all people could have the right to vote.

In the clutches of terminal illness, suffragist Inez Milholland steels herself for the final speech of her tour - rallying the nation to give women the right to vote. Though President Wilson and most of the voting men see the cause as a threat, still she persists. At the pinnacle of her speech, she galvanizes the throngs with an uplifting message, but suddenly collapses before she is able to finish. The doctor insists she rest, but nothing would stop the changing tide of equality.

This beautiful film is an important comment on where we are today. Whatever your position may be, if you are an American, get out and vote Tuesday.

And of course anyone anywhere, tune in and stream Into Light and other important films only on TheArchive.



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