Veterans Day: TheArchive's War Heroes Collection

This Veteran's Day, TheArchive is proud to present our war heroes collection and salute the brave soldiers celebrated in these films.

Martin Sheen, Charles S. Dutton, and Patty Duke star in A Matter of Justice, based on a true story about a mother seeks justice in response to the mysterious murder of her young Marine son. She suspects her manipulatively-seductive daughter-in-law likely coerced a Marine into committing the act. When the puzzle is finally pieced together, the mother arrives at the epiphany that her son’s death was the fundamental element in a larger-scale scheme to reap his military benefits. 

In Love and War, follows the true story of Vice Admiral James Stockdale (James Woods who was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance), a high-ranking naval officer with the distinction of being the longest held POW in Vietnam; and his wife Sybil Stockdale (Jane Alexander) co-founder of the National League of Families, a nonprofit organization that worked on behalf of American Vietnam-era Missing in Action and Prisoner of War Families.

Shot down during his third tour, he was held as a prisoner of war in Hanoi for over seven years, tortured 15 times, put in leg irons for two years, and in solitary for four. Stockdale was the only three-star officer in the Navy history to receive aviator wings and the Medal of Honor. He also had two Purple Hearts. 

In addition to being a highly regarded war hero, he was later known for being Ross Perot's running mate. 

The screenplay was based on the book In Love and War: The Story of a Family's Ordeal and Sacrifice During the Vietnam Years, which was written by the Stockdales.

We honor Vice Admiral James Stockdale's service and all veterans who fought for our country to provide us the freedom we enjoy today.

Sammy's Story is the heart-wrenching tale of two battles fought by WWII Marine Sammy Bernstein. The first was the horror of Iwo Jima; the second was his struggle with anti-Semitism in the World War II military.

Honor our Veterans today and everyday on TheArchive with a collection of films that revisit history and commemorate the brave people who fought on battlegrounds across the globe to keep the world safe.

Thank you for your service.

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