Back to School!

Feels like we were just gearing up for summer at 
TheArchive and now we're already headed back to school!

But we always have something for the feed the dog your homework, ditch your responsibilities, and cut class with these throwback high school classics.

In High School USA, a veritable who’s-who of TV stars join Michael J. Fox and Crispin Glover (pre-Back to the Future) including Todd Bridges, Dana Plato, Tony Dow, Ken Osmond, Bob Denver, and Dawn Wells.

An uncredited Brad Pitt plays a bumbling library nerd, and Nancy Mckeon plays off Anthony Edwards before his star turns in Revenge of the Nerds, Gotcha!, Top Gun, ER, and Billions.   

In faith based Angel in Training, Desi has problems just like any other teenager but the biggest difference? She gets help from an apprentice angel who's still earning her wings. 

Keeping with the faith theme, The St. Tammany Miracle, starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Soleil Moon Frye, features an all-girls Episcopalian high school basketball team fighting to make a name for themselves through the help of their new female coach. 

In switching gears but not casting, Mark-Paul and Soleil also star in these school age cautionary tales:

In The Killing Secret, Soleil plays a high school cheerleader with a potentially sociopathic boyfriend. And in Freshman Fall, Mark-Paul plays a potentially sociopathic college freshman opposite Candace Cameron. 

When popular cheerleader Stacey is stabbed to death, who could have done it? It could have been Goth girl Monica or angst-ridden Jill, or perhaps it was the plain girl nobody suspected. But either way, the original Death of a Cheerleader would be nothing without Tori Spelling.

Prom queen Angela dies in 1962, but her entry into heaven is indefinitely postponed. She is given a chance at redemption by returning to Earth in 1990, where she is to assist friends from her youth. Cindy Williams plays the Earth Angel alongside Erik Estrada, Mark Hamill, and Andy Dick. 

In Dominique Swain's Girl, straight-A teen Andrea is seduced by the city's underground rock scene and gets involved with a local singer. This raw portrayal of a young woman's self-discovery features Tara Reid, Portia de Rossi, Adam Scott, Sean Patrick Flannery, Summer Phoenix, and Selma Blair. 

In documentary, La Classe de Madame Lise, a culturally diverse first-grade class overcomes their numerous differences, inspiring genuine confidence in the future generation.

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