Streaming Spotlight: Marilyn and the Real 'Blonde'

Norma Jean Baker may need an introduction but Marilyn need not.

The life of Marilyn Monroe has left so many stones yet to be overturned. And in just the few decades she was on the planet, more content, drama, and speculation has been conjured than could fill the annals of history. 

Since we still have so much to learn, and the collective world has told us they have not grown weary of that learning, we wanted to celebrate this undeniable iconoclast’s birthday with some of our favorites from TheArchive.

We start with Blonde, because it’s sexy, timeless, and has an amazing cast including Poppy Montgomery as Marilyn, Patricia Richardson, Patrick Dempsey, Wallace Shawn, Griffin Dunne, Emily Browning, Jensen Ackles, Ann-Margret, and Kirstie Alley.

While Netflix has the Brad Pitt produced version starring the impossibly gorgeous Ana de Armas coming soon, TheArchive has our’s ready to stream free now on Roku.

This mini-series mixes a fictional interpretation of Marilyn Monroe with actual events that happened in her life. From her childhood years, her first marriage, and her timely meeting with a professional photographer, to her contract with 20th Century Fox and marriage to Joe DiMaggio, Blonde enthrallingly encapsulates Monroe's sensational life and the mark she left on Hollywood history.

Out of the nine titles we have, here are four more we highly recommend:

In Marilyn & Me, Robert Slatzer recounts the story of meeting and immediately hitting it off with Norma Jean Baker as she navigated through the early stages of her acting career after learning of her death.

We Remember Marilyn: The story of how Norma Jean transformed and lived the rest of her life out as Marilyn Monroe. Her desire for acceptance pushed her to become a star, but it was also her biggest pitfall.

Goodby Norma Jean tracks aspiring actress Norma Jean Baker living in squalor in the early '40s and dreaming of being a star. Photographer Ralph Johnson supports her as she's bounced from casting couches to sleazy photo shoots.

In this Marilyn Monroe doc, Elmer Bernstein's score sweeps us into
Marilyn Monroe's captivating charismatic presence and stunning looks. But her beauty betrayed deeply-tragic personal struggles....

Stream these and so much more free on TheArchive's Roku channel.



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