Streaking in Sports? No Harm. No Foul.

When streaking becomes professional, does that mean it's serious business or just for laughs?

Can't it be both?

TheArchive decided to undress this conceit.

Sports are back - let the streaking commence!

Streaking rose to popularity in the early 1970s, as disruption to sporting events to demonstrate rebellion. As the phenomenon grew in prominence across live sporting events, security and event handlers would do their best to diffuse the situation and discourage the daring and baring. 

But alas, the streaking continued. Providing a sense of comedic flare to the otherwise tension-filled dynamic of the game, spectators seem to enjoy both and have come to expect if not demand some nude diversion during the big game.

In STREAKER, our favorite streaker movie we've acquired yet, this Swiss film spotlights the high stakes competitive world of streaking; money and pride are on the line, and bets are placed to see who can stay on the field the longest. And there's nudity!

Teacher and single dad Balz Näf lives with his daughter. After irresponsibly gambling away the money for a new school sports field, he plummets into financial and personal peril. But with the help of his hairdresser, Balz crafts a plan that should quickly generate funds.

Together, they curate a team of professional streakers, infiltrating various sporting events and rigging bets by "predicting" the presence of streakers. 

However, when Balz falls for the policewoman who’s been assigned to keep her eye on him, he must hedge his bets evermore wisely in order to curb her suspicions while still baring all.

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