The Secret Life of a Pope on the Slopes

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This Easter, celebrate the majesty of nature and mystery of faith with the true story of a ski-loving Pope.

The Secret Life of John Paul II (2004)

The Skiing Pope that will inspire and melt away your winter blues.

Behold the true story of Pope John Paul II when, in July of ‘84, his Holiness met a young man by the name of Lino Zani on the Italian slopes. Indulging in his beloved Winter hobby (held privately dear to the Pope), divine chance--perhaps a miracle-- brought these two together, under an umbrella for their shared love of skiing. 

The Secret Life of John Paul II (2004)

The unsuspecting ski lodge expert, Lino Zani, witnesses much upon the mountain and, over the years, remain friends with His Majesty, the Pope. Brothers of the mountain, united in adventure, the two would fulfill a magnificent journey of friendship, perseverance, and faith. 

…Not to mention, adventure.


The Secret Life of John Paul II (2004)

The Secret Life of John Paul II, from 2014, is an Italian film based on the true story and book of the same title, by Lino Zani, himself.

"I still remember the moment I first saw his open, jovial face, that one-of-a-kind smile, the lively and luminous eyes that seemed that they might be laughing even more.  

I should have understood already from that smile who he would truly become, what he would represent for me, for us, for everyone, for history."

Lino Zani — The Secret Life of John Paul II

The two remained close friends— a seemingly unlikely kinship of which Zani writes about in his book (of the same name). Struck by what he witnessed on the mountain, Zani’s chance experience was not only life altering—but otherworldly.

He was in awe.

The film brings to life the majesty of nature with its beautiful scenery and uplifting glow. Is it God? Italy? Spring sun? Either way, it’s a lovely family film to enjoy around Easter. It’s enlightening, uplifting & historically interesting.

"He was a saint, he was a man”

† Shot in Trentino, Italy. 🇮🇹 

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The Secret Life of John Paul II (TV Movie 2014) 

 † Aka: Non avere paura. Un' amicizia con Papa Wojtyla • A true story about the unlikely friendship that develops between a ski instructor named Lino Zani and Pope John Paul II during the Pope's stay at Lino's family ski lodge. • Genres: Drama Faith and Spirituality • Director: Andrea Porporati • Starring: Matteo Reza Azchirvani Federigo Ceci Giuseppe Cederna Luigi Di Fiore Ugo Dighero Giorgio Pasotti Aleksey Guskov | @TheArchive_Channel