Exploring Motherhood on Screen: Mother's Day 2024

As we approach Mother's Day, it's a time to reflect on the incredible women who have shaped our lives. From their love and support to the invaluable lessons they teach, mothers hold a special place in our hearts and deserve to be celebrated. This Mother's Day, in addition to gifts and flowers, why not share a few good movies that celebrate the beauty and challenges of motherhood with your mom?

Mother of the Bride follows Margret Hix (Rue McClanahan), a devoted mother who is overjoyed when her daughter announces her engagement. But when a financial mix-up gets the banquet hall canceled, it is doubtful that the wedding will happen. Meanwhile, Margret also deals with her other daughter's romance with a motorcycle enthusiast and a surprise appearance by her deadbeat ex-husband. 

Speaking of Mother of the Bride, a new movie by the same name is premiering on Netflix on the evening of May 9th, 2024. Brooke Shields stars in this rom-com as Lana. Ana finds out that her daughter Emma is getting married to someone she met abroad in just one month. Things get even more stressful when Lana finds out that the man who is marrying her daughter is her ex’s son. 

Departing from the realm of comedy, Semi Precious explores more serious aspects of motherhood. Cathy, unable to handle the pressure of her overbearing husband, flees, leaving Andrea and her baby brother Brad alone with their father. When their father remarries, Andrea swiftly bonds with her new stepmother, Laura, who does an admirable job caring for both children after Andrea's father dies. However, Cathy abruptly arrives and attempts to reclaim the children she abandoned years before. Semi Precious explores themes of family dynamics, grief, forgiveness, resilience, and the complexities of motherhood. 

Through these films, we can enjoy lighthearted stories about mothers and their daughters or gain a deeper appreciation for the resilience, sacrifice, and unconditional love that define the essence of motherhood and the devotion that mothers/stepmothers/and mother figures show us. 

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