TheArchive Staff Pick's

In this week's blog, we've cooked up a special treat for you—our team's top picks! One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Multicom is collaborating with folks who geek out over movies and shows and share enthusiasm and dedication to the craft. This list features titles that entertain us, make us laugh and make us reflect. This list is an example of our staff's diverse tastes and love for film and the many ways it brings us together. You can find all of these films streaming on TheArchive!

John Tulp, Digital Operations 

David Choe: High Risk, 2015- Artist David Choe has led a life of high risk, yet he has been dramatically rewarded for his exploits. Life didn’t change much when he traded a $60,000 fee in favor of stock in a start-up called The Facebook, but now he is estimated to be worth over $250 million, highlighting a career filled with street art installations, porn star affairs, and investigative reporting. 

“I love this documentary because it’s about a Korean-American artist who I’ve been a fan of for a long time. His art is incredible, and his stories about growing up in inner-city LA doing graffiti and how his life has now changed as a world-renowned artist is just as fascinating.” 

Jesse Baritz, Vice President, Content Acquisitions & Programming 

Freeway, 1996- Vanessa Lutz (Reese Witherspoon) is a teenage delinquent who runs away from her prostitute mother and perverted stepfather to go live with her grandmother. While on her way, she meets Bob Wolverton, a charming yet sadistic serial killer. Fearing for her life, she attempts to kill Bob, but Bob makes himself appear the victim, and Vanessa is sent to jail. Now, she must escape and clear her name before he can strike again.

Freeway II, 1999- A teenage prostitute and a 16-year-old serial killer escape from prison and go on a destructive road trip to Mexico in this twist on the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. Though they have little in common at first, the two grow closer and develop a friendship as they run from a legal system that's hellbent on returning them to the States. This film stars Natasha Lyonne

“These films are strange and slightly trash, but highly entertaining. If you’re interested in cult classics with a bit of a twisted nature, you’ll love these. Plus, it’s cool to see a young Natasha Lyonne and Reese Witherspoon.” 

Laila Khan, Content Operations 

Grizzly, 1976- Michael Kelly is the lead park ranger at a state park. Mostly dealing with rowdy campers, Kelly and his other rangers are suddenly thrown into grave danger as they're forced to face off against an 18-foot, man-eating grizzly bear! With an apathetic mayor who's afraid to close the park, Kelly and the other rangers must stop the bear before it kills again!

“Grizzly is a fun, cheesy, and outlandish 70s horror film. It’s surprisingly gory, too! It’s like the mountain version of Jaws.” 

Nicole Bajorek, Content Operations 

Soundies: A Musical History, 2007—Before MTV, there were Soundies. First appearing in 1941, these short films featured artists of the Big Band, Jazz, and Swing eras. Viewed through a special machine called a Panoram, these forerunners to the music video could be seen in nightclubs, restaurants, and other public venues across the U.S. They remain glorious time capsules of music, social history, and popular culture. 

“I love this documentary. I sometimes play it in the background because the music is so good and comforting. It’s a deep dive into an era of music that you don’t really encounter every day unless you seek it out.” 

Ryne Dillon, Content Acquisitions & Programming 

They Nest, 2000 - Dr. Ben Cahill, a city doctor, freezes up under pressure in the emergency room due to his recent divorce and struggles with his alcohol addiction recovery. To get his act back together, he decides to unwind for a few months on Orr's Island—off the coast of Maine—where he discovers that the island is infested with a malicious and deadly breed of flying cockroaches that root inside their victims.

“I fell in love with movies when I was a kid and watched this at home with my Mom on a Saturday on the USA Network in Sarasota, Florida, when I was 10. It's a creepy, gross, and fun creature feature that screams late 90's/early 2000's. One of my many favorites on TheArchive!”