Celebrating Black History Month 2024

Black History Month, observed annually in February, is a significant time to reflect on the achievements, struggles, and contributions of African Americans throughout history. This month-long celebration serves as a powerful and necessary reminder of the resilience, creativity, and impact that individuals of African descent have had on the United States and the world. 

The legacy of Black History Month dates back to 1926 when historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson recognized the lack of history and perspectives of African Americans in the nation's curriculum throughout his studies. Dr. Carter G. Woodson stated that African-American contributions were too often overlooked, ignored, and even suppressed by the writers of history textbooks. Black History Month is a direct response to the systemic suppression of the black experience. In this month, we as Americans not only celebrate black history, but we also rectify historical biases.

There are many ways to honor Black History Month like visiting an African-American history museum, exploring the history of black music, and watching films by black creators or films that feature Black actors and experiences. In honor of Black History Month, we at TheArchive want to draw attention to two impactful short films, Double or Nothing and Black Chicks

In Double or Nothing written by Neil LaBute and starring Adam Brody & Keith David, is about a young couple, Clark & Becca, who leave a bar after a night out with friends. They're in the middle of an argument when a black homeless man approaches them on the street, and Clark gets an idea. He taunts the man by offering him a chance to earn some money—all while racially insulting him. When Becca tries to stop him, Clark insults her as well, and things begin to escalate even further.

Lastly, in Black Chicks, Directed & Written by Neil LaBute, two coworkers—a white man and a black woman—meet in a café during their break. He offers to buy her a drink and excuses himself. After mustering up the courage, the woman eventually approaches him to ask about the upcoming office party. When he declines her invitation upfront, she begins to find out the real reason why he won't go with her.

These two short films delve into the complexities of racial dynamics and the nuances of race and rejection, unraveling a narrative about the challenges within interracial relationships. By engaging with the history, art, and narratives of the Black community, we contribute to a more inclusive and informed understanding of our shared history. Through celebration and education, we work towards fostering a society that embraces the diversity of its collective heritage.

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