Oscar Winners on TheArchive

With the Oscars upon us this weekend, TheArchive celebrates its own Academy Award winning collection of films, most notably our Arthur Cohn library. 

Arthur Cohn has produced some of the most acclaimed and awarded foreign language films and documentaries in the history of the Academy Awards, including "The Sky Above The Mud Below," "Dangerous Moves," "Black and White in Color," and "One Day in September." These films have been recognized for their powerful storytelling, stunning visuals, and thought-provoking subject matter.

Three titles currently available from TheArchive include:

Black and White In Color, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, is set in the early years of World War I, in a small African colony, where a group of white colonists decide to declare war on their German neighbors who are on the other side of the border.

The film follows the colonists' efforts to organize their war effort, including creating their own military uniforms and weapons, and sending a telegram to the Germans declaring war. However, their efforts are met with skepticism and resistance from both their African servants and their German neighbors.

As the war escalates, the colonists become increasingly divided and conflicted about their actions, and the film explores themes of colonialism, racism, and the absurdity of war.

This 1961 documentary film The Sky Above The Mud Below, directed by French filmmaker Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau and narrated by Jacques Cousteau, tells the story of a French archaeological mission that travels deep into the jungles of New Guinea in search of clues about the ancient civilization of the Dani people.

The film follows the mission's leader, Robert Gardner, as he leads a team of archaeologists, anthropologists, and other experts through the rugged terrain of the New Guinea highlands, where they encounter the Dani people and learn about their customs, traditions, and way of life. Along the way, the film captures stunning images of the jungle landscape and wildlife, as well as intimate portraits of the Dani people and their daily lives.

Dangerous Moves tells the story of Akiva Liebskind, a Russian-born Jewish chess master played by Michel Piccoli, who lives in Geneva and is in the twilight of his career. He is challenged to a match by Soviet Grandmaster and former World Champion, Anatoly Ivanov (played by Alexandre Arbatt). The two men have vastly different approaches to the game of chess and are equally matched in skill. The game becomes a metaphor for their political and personal struggles, with the Cold War tensions between the East and the West serving as a backdrop to the story.

As the game progresses, tensions rise, and both men find themselves under pressure to win at all costs. The film explores the psychological toll of the game on the players, as well as the complex relationship between Akiva and his wife, who is also his manager.

It is the story of two chess masters who duel each other in classic gameplay but discover that it is their differing ideologies that truly raise the stakes.

When aging Soviet Jew and title holder Akiva Liebskind arrives in Geneva to face off against his former student and USSR defector in the World Championship match, the Soviet authorities threaten to harm Akiva's family if he does not defeat the rogue player.

Their differences will be put to the ultimate test when discovering they are mere pawns in a much more sinister game.

The film's title refers to a chess move known as the "queen's diagonal," which is considered risky and potentially dangerous.

TheArchive brings you an impressive six Oscar winning films to explore as you head into this weekend’s Academy Awards. 

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