Dating Show Trainwrecks and Other Romantic Indulgences

It's that time of year again folks. Break out the tissues and indulge in the never-ending drama that is reality dating shows. Even TheArchive has a couple reality trainwrecks. 

Don't bother with actual relationships. Instead, watch a bunch of people find love in a controlled environment while the producers pull the strings off camera.

Plus this year, the only new romantic comedy we get during the peak of American romantic contrivance is from Netflix starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. What year is this, 2003? Next thing I'll see is a red envelope in my mailbox. might as well fall in love with TheArchive's latest reality fare:

Watch as potential lovers go on a series of "Turbo Dates:" surreal, absurd meetups in super speed while on the search for love and companionship. Watch a woman on a date reveal her looks before plastic surgery in a bad attempt at vulnerability, or a twisted dude looking for a woman who will lie to him. Hot. 

Why Academy Award nominated, billion dollar scribe with the midas touch Terry Rossio produced and directed this reality send up between Pirates of the Caribbean movies can only be for one reason, he was probably going through a divorce and needed the cash.

Or he was dating alleged Turbo star Whitney Cummings and this was her idea. 

Swipe right or keep scrolling down because the next one is even weirder. 

Meet My Abuela features eight young LatinX adults who consult their Abuelas for relationship advice and blessings. 

Whether a couple has just started dating or just engaged after eight years together, tensions begin to rise before a girlfriend or boyfriend is formally introduced to an Abuela. Will they be able to win her over, or will their relationship come to a crashing halt? Tranquilo.

Now let's transition to our romantic comedies but stick with Latin themes...

In Latin Lover, the 10th anniversary of fictional film star Saverio Crispo's death, finds his four daughters, all from different mothers and nationalities, reuniting for a celebration of his career. Really? Who wrote this synopsis?

Melissa Joan Hart and Carmen Electra (a natural two hander) star in the can't miss Aunt Agatha's Apartment. When an impoverished couple moves to New York City to pursue their dreams, things go awry when Aunt Agatha, the tenant granting them a free sublet, suddenly dies within days of their arrival. You can see where this one is going. Don't get locked out.

Speaking of sex (what?), Neil Labute often tackles themes of love and darkness the perfect alchemy for Valentine's Day. It can't all be roses and chocolate. In Labute's short Sexting, a young woman played by Julia Stiles meets the wife of the man she is having an affair with in a cafe and tells her the ugly truth. There is only one thing she hasn't counted on. And that's all the other Neil Labute content we feature on TheArchive. Including...

10Ka suburban mystery shot with humor, tension, and desire--featuring a man and a woman who meet on a wooded path. Is it an accident or something planned? Is it the first time or the hundredth? 

We hope this gets you wound up for Valentine's Day but if you long for a few other love filled confections check out this mixed bag of sweet hearts:

Be our Valentine only on TheArchive.  


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