Bask in the Glory of these Gory Stories

Halloween rolls out the obligatory cinematic fright-fest, but TheArchive has some seriously twisted eye candy including, for its time, one of the scariest films ever made. No need to waste any time - let's jump in.

Once described as "positively the most horrifying film ever made" Adrian Hoven (and Michael Armstrong) deliver the gore. According to Cool Ass CInema, Mark of the Devil is "one of the signature examples of 1970s exploitation at its most grueling. It's been over 40 years, but it still retains a few squirm inducing moments to leave its 'mark' on modern audiences."
In 18th century Austria, a witch-hunter's apprentice has doubts about the righteousness of witch-hunting until he witnesses the injustice, torture, and arbitrary killing that go with the job. 

Adrian Hoven (Mark of the Devil) is at it again with Castle of the Creeping Flesh. Set in an ancient castle, a mad scientist is trying to revive his dead daughter by way of operation. There are certain body parts he needs that he is unable to get, but his problem may soon be solved when a group of drunken party-goers stumble into his castle....

Dubbed a "EuroSleaze" masterpiece and "sumptuous platter of late ‘60s filthwürst," writer/director Adrian Hoven (Mark of the Devil) brings "depravity, mondo-style shocks and graphic gothic insanity." Cast includes, Janine Raynaud (Succubus), Howard Vernon (She Killed in Ecstasy) and Michel Lemoine (Kiss Me Monster).

Forget Dahmer on 
Cannibal Man, Marcos, a young man working in a meat factory, accidentally kills a taxi driver. Gradually, he begins to kill people close to him who have become suspicious, in order to cover up his original crime. 

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