Welcome Back Pinocchio!

This weekend Disney+ releases Pinocchio in what may be their worst reviewed film in years - at least for their animation to live action remakes.

While this weeks' reviews of Robert Zemeckis' Pinocchio definitely set Guillermo Del Toro up for rousing success later this year with his highly stylized, no doubt brilliant "story of a wooden boy you've never heard before," we too have one you've never seen. In fact like this fall's dueling Pinocchios, we also have two. And that's the truth.

Let's start with Welcome Back Pinocchio which is a charming Italian produced spectacle boasting all the classic tropes yet it brings its own sense of wonder and departure from the original 1940 Disney classic.

As the story goes, Pinocchio is now a young lad staying out of trouble for fear of being turned back into a piece of wood. But when he gets off track and manipulated into stealing, Pinocchio must learn the hard lessons that enable him to become a human once more.

Interesting piece of trivia with this animated film: Oreste Baldini, best known for playing young Vito Corleone in Godfather II plays one of the lead voices.

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Our parent company Multicom also has a second Pinocchio film very much worth watching. This one, like Disney's latest, is also live action and we are willing to stand it up against Tom Hanks' Geppetto and Robert Zemeckis' direction any day. Namely because Martin Landau plays Geppetto and Steve Barron, known for directing Coneheads for Lorne Michaels, directs. So you know you are going to get a wry sense of humor and a no strings attached performance from the international treasure that is Martin Landau.

In the remastered 4K The Adventures of Pinocchio, Jonathan Taylor Thomas steals your heart as a wooden boy who finds life's lessons worth learning in order to transform into a real boy. The whimsy and beautiful filmmaking is no surprise given the creative vision director Steve Barron exhibits. 

More fun trivia: Steve Barron was also the director behind the original 1990 hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but also revered for his groundbreaking music video of classic 80's pop act Aha's 'Take on Me.'

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