Gentlemen (and ladies) prefer Blonde

Poppy Montgomery in 2001’s ‘Blonde’

This week might as well be dubbed Marilyn Monroe week with the wall to wall coverage of Netflix’s release of Blonde.

But the reviews continue to praise our version of the Oates classic as a mighty if not superior production.

TheArchive doesn’t like to keep score, or does it?

As we’ve discovered, the onscreen Marilyns have also been ranked by Vulture: guess where our version of Blonde’s blonde ranks? While Ana de Armas’ recent portrayal clocks in at #9 of 22, Poppy Montgomery who stars in the first Oates adaptation of Blonde from 2001 comes in at #5. 

It appears that gentlemen (and ladies) prefer BlondeStarring Poppy Montgomery. On TheArchive.

In an Indiewire opinion piece from this week, “The 2001 Blonde Miniseries understands Marilyn Monroe Better Than Andrew Dominik,” the author goes on to explain that TheArchive’s “Blonde contains the same beats as Dominik’s film, and yet holds far more empathy and appreciation for Monroe, her career, and her life than you’ll find in the near three-hour opus on Netflix.”

This week Netflix released the Ana De Armas version of Blonde - a Marilyn Monroe biopic based on our film Blonde and the bestselling novel of "historical-fiction" by Joyce Carol Oates -- a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2001. 

TheArchive’s Blonde is a mini-series that mixes a fictional interpretation of Marilyn Monroe with actual events that happened in her life. From her childhood years, her first marriage, and her first encounter with a professional photographer, to her contract with 20th Century Fox and marriage to Joe DiMaggio, Blonde captures Monroe's sensational life and the indelible mark she left on Hollywood. 

Joyce Chopra directes an excellent cast featuring Poppy Montgomery as Monroe, Patrick Dempsey, Ann-Margret, Eric Bogosian, Jensen Ackles, Griffin Dunne, Kirstie Alley, and Patricia Richardson.

As the IndieWire pieces sums it up, “Marilyn always feels like a central figure in the 2001 Blonde filled with depth, complexity, and humanity. There’s sympathy for her as a person, not as a victim or a tragic figure…there’s a greater respect and love for her.”

Stream the "real" Blonde and decide for yourself now on TheArchive.

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