A Guy, a Girl, and a Pizza

Bank Robber is legit. 

If ever you wanted to see McDreamy in his birthday suit, no less on his birthday, then fire up Bank Robber now!

McDreamy is everything and a bag of chips (and a pizza - you'll see why) and Lisa Bonet is super legit hot in every way.

And the two of them...magic.

Here's the premise.

After robbing a bank, Billy hides out from the police in a seedy hotel where he is forced to bribe various tenants for their silence. Soon the tenants begin to up the price for their trouble.

It is fun, silly, and totally watchable.

And did we mention Lisa Bonet is super hot?

And it has a ridiculous cast:

Patrick Dempsey, Lisa Bonet, Judge Reinhold, Forest Whitaker, Olivia d'Abo, Mariska Hargitay, Michael Jeter, and JB Rogers, better known as the director of American Pie 2. 

Say it Isn't So?! (JB Rogers fan humor).

The premise is fantastic. A guy robs a bank because his gold digging girl is simply unsatisfied. Utterly unimpressed she bails anyway, so he hides out in a hotel to avoid the cops. Everyone in the hotel knows he's there and decides it would be fun to be on the take. Why rat him out when instead, they can bilk him for all his cash in exchange for keeping quiet? 

It's delightfully simple and a gem of a flick totally before its time. Ten years later, it would've been dubbed an indie and showered with Independent Spirit Awards. Ten years earlier, it is soft porn with bad music.

Remake it with Michael B. Jordan and Margot Robbie? Get the Safdies behind the camera? Throw in a song from Kid Cudi? Slam dunk. Netflix Original all day long. Get that handsome Scott Stuber on the horn and let's do this!

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