Football on TheArchive: HBO's 1st & Ten

With NFL Week 1 finally upon us, and with the Cowboys facing off against the Buccaneers in the first game of the season, we thought it was time for TheArchive to throw a Hail Mary.

Super Bowl champion openers are always fun, especially as we look for Tom Brady to pull out yet another unprecedented season, but who can hold a candle to 1980s throwbacks like the HBO, O.J. Simpson starrer, 1st & Ten?

However the Buccs-Cowboys matchup plays out, there’s 80 episodes of OJ slicing and dicing his way through jokes and jocks. So punt whatever else your binging and get down with 1st & Ten!

HBO has long been ahead of its time featuring the antics of American Football on and off the field. Before Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson’s star turn in HBO’s Ballers or the hard-hitting docuseries Hard Knocks, 1st & Ten had its own run with the sport and its players.

Funny enough, if you're a fan of Apple’s Ted Lasso, you may also recognize some very familiar tropes that have been borrowed, dare we say, from 1st & Ten

Delta Burke plays the owner of a pro American football team who gets ownership via a messy divorce. Go figure. Do series creators still think women can only get a sports team through a divorce? Tell that to the Seahawk’s Jody Allen!

Of course, 1st & Ten is best known for test driving O.J. Simpson's comedic chops before landing the "The Naked Gun." He plays an over the hill running back who must transition to coach. Hilarity naturally ensues as it makes way for tons of cameos from well known footballers of a bygone era and features plenty of nudity, big laughs, and all that you would expect from HBO in the 80s; or frankly now.

In between Sunday, Monday, Thursday and whatever other nights Goodell shoves a $100 billion of football onto the airwaves, make room for 1st & Ten.

Stream all 80 episodes and so much more on TheArchive.


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