Ritter Patter: The Many Facets of John RItter

John Ritter has been gone an impossibly long time yet he is as alive and good as ever.

After watching the brilliant "Superstar: The Life of John Ritter" we had to dig into TheArchive and see for ourselves.

It is hard to remember that he was equal parts heartthrob and loveable goofball. But there was also depth and range far beyond the laughs. That he could be everything to everyone is one of life's great mysteries, one only Ritter could solve.

Let's celebrate his legacy and share some of the films that showcase the many facets of John Ritter. 

When Phil meets the woman of his dreams only to discover she's getting married in a week, he will do whatever he can to stop her walk down the aisle. The Last Fling also stars Connie Sellecca, Scott Bakula, Shannon Tweed, and Mario Lopez.

Nothing like Pretty Woman to inspire the happy hooker with a heart of gold genre. Donald splits his affection between two women: his wife and a prostitute. When he's mysteriously murdered and the women become targets, they unite to uncover his secrets and track down the killer. Tricks of the Trade also stars Cindy Williams and the late great Markie Post.

In My Brother's Wife (that sounds strange), Barney returns home where he meets his new sister-in-law and ex. Barney recalls the circumstances that had previously kept them apart, and now must confront a new reality. 

In this true story, showcasing Ritter's reverence for the safety and sanctity of the family unit, he plays an abusive sociopath who puts his wife and family through domestic violence hell before being ordered to seek professional help through an innovative therapy program. 

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