Tyler Perry and This Year's Oscars: "Don't Hate Anybody"

This year’s Oscars was certainly a different affair. But one more memorable believe it or not, than years past. It had an intimacy that felt more personal and story-driven than ever before.

Tyler Perry said it best, "It is my hope that all of us would teach our kids, and not only to remember, just refuse hate. Don't hate anybody."

Kudos to Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher, and Jesse Collins who made the show far more about the stories behind the stories rather than the glitz and glamour ahead of the stories - a noble effort to get us all longing for a return to the movie theaters.

It was fascinating to hear the humble beginnings of the nominees. Some started out by making popcorn in a theater, selling junk out of their car to make ends meet, apprenticing, often for free on an independent film set, or in the case of last night's Humanitarian Award winner Tyler Perry, he was homeless.
We sometimes lose sight of the fact that most in Hollywood were not born in Hollywood. One does not come out an Oscar winner. They come from meager beginnings, often having never imagined that one day they would be accepting an Oscar for their groundbreaking work.
So congratulations to all the nominees and winners.
TheArchive is proud to share in a slice of Oscar history with a couple of our Academy Award winning films.
In fact, as you look through our vast collection of movies, it is shocking to realize how many stars and crew members on the 1000s of titles we share with the world, have gone on to be nominated or win. The list is staggering and someday we will go through and do a tally.

In the meantime, tonight we saw Reese and Renée on stage and you can see them both in films on TheArchive; Freeway and The Whole Wide World, respectively. We also have films starring other Oscar luminaries like Cuba Gooding Jr., Louis Gossett Jr., Mickey Rourke, Julie Andrews, Walter Matthau, George Kennedy, Adrien Brody, Helen Hunt, Patty Duke, and Elizabeth Taylor.
So here are a couple winners in our library and a few Oscar docs and retrospectives we thought you may find nostalgic or particularly relevant today:


Oscar winning documentary, The Long Way Home, echoes those ideals as it depicts the plight of Jewish refugees after World War II that contributed to the creation of the State of Israel. 
The film examines the horrific conditions for Jewish refugees even in post-war Europe, as antisemitism was still prevalent and poverty the norm. 
The formation of the State of Israel is explored, along with the ensuing debates around its formation.
Narrated by Morgan Freeman, The Long Way Home features Edward Asner, Sean Astin, and Martin Landau.

Genocide, an Academy Award winning documentary, takes a harrowing look at life during the Holocaust. Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor lend their voices to this heartbreaking historical account.

Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hattie to Halle
Between 1939 and 2002, black actors and actresses received a combined total of 30 Academy Award nominations, and only a few made the odyssey to the podium to claim the milestone in their hands.

Academy Award Winners: Thirty Years of Winners
A run though all the academy award nominees and winners from the year 1972 to 2002. The Academy Awards was a platform for political and social issues, whether it was brought up through the films or the speeches during the event, and women and people of color began to gain more respect and representation in the motion picture industry.

Academy Award Winners: The First 50 Years
See the history of the Academy Awards, from its inception, through its formative years, all the way up to its current uncontested status as Hollywood's most important awards ceremony. The Academy Awards have become an institution of American artistry, but its history may not be well known. Now see how they are all contextualized within the vast history that encompasses this annual spectacle.

There is more to curating a successful awards ceremony than meets the eye. The Academy Awards, widely known as one of the most sophisticated and historic of these institutions, is no exception.

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