Larry King Now and Always

Larry King has been a legend for decades now, not for being a radio or tv personality, but for being a true humanist - he never met a person he couldn’t interview.  

For a few years now, Multicom has had the high honor of distributing hundreds of episodes of Larry's interviews from his "Larry King Now" series that ran for many years following hanging up his CNN suspenders. It was the first interview show of its caliber created for both online and broadcast platforms.  

Regardless of its medium or delivery mechanism, he was a work horse like no other. Though it never seemed like he treated it as work, but more as a commitment with passion. He wanted each episode to be the best it could be and wanted everyone to enjoy every angle. Even the marketing and advertising had to be from a compelling Larry-style delivery.  

When we first began distributing the series, we wanted to make a few different promos explaining the show. We were worried it would annoy Larry or that we may need to convince his team to get the promos produced another way. But nevertheless, we wrote the scripts hoping somehow we'd get back something we could use, and surprisingly, he sent them back within hours beautifully recorded, likely on the first try, and even better than the scripts we provided. 


Apparently, Larry conducted over 50,000 interviews over his lifetime, yet he still managed to interview new people in his late 80s, and with many of these latter guests, he'd already interviewed them countless times before, and he was agnostic as to whom he would have on his show. 

He chatted with the biggest, the best, the brightest, but he also found interest even in the simplest of topics and subjects. We are endlessly entertained by the many episodes we have from Oprah to Jimmy Kimmel; Jason Bateman to Snoop Dogg; billionaire Carlos Slim to the Dalai Lama.  Then there are those fun episodes Larry had with the late greats like Regis Philbin and Carl Reiner

We're all going to miss him for all he gave us, but we can keep giving on his behalf, by sharing in even the slightest sliver of his robust legacy.

Here's to Larry King Now and always!

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