Beyond the Mask: American Independence

With July 4th falling on a Saturday, parties would normally be off the charts around the country.

But this weekend, for so many reasons, celebrations may be more subdued.

Celebrating our nation's independence will be a right and privilege each person here in the states
can exercise and this particular writer will be home with his family revisiting a popular
TheArchive movie, BEYOND THE MASK. I thought it ironic given this Covid-19 time,
that a film celebrating American independence would have such an apt title.

Beyond the Mask, in beautiful 4K, is an action-packed adventure romance set in 1776 during
the turmoil of the Revolutionary war, bringing history to life in a story filled with
liberty, freedom, and faith.

Based on true events, the film features action, battles, and suspense, leading up to the historic
signing of the Declaration of Independence. Andrew Cheney stars as William Reynolds, Kara Kilmer
as Charlotte Holloway, Alan Madlane as Benjamin Franklin, and John Rhys-Davies
as the corrupt Charles Kemp in a performance Variety praised as, "bellicose, two dimensional
villainy that makes for undeniably enjoyable viewing." Yes, he's so damn enjoyable to watch.
Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson were clearly on to something. 😊

Speaking of the world's great filmmakers, while researching Beyond the Mask and
other war movies, I realized that Hollywood hasn't paid as much attention to the
Revolutionary war period as I had expected.  

Hundreds of Hollywood movies and series focus on the Great War, WWII, the Korean War,
Vietnam, and other epic battles. I was quite surprised to learn that so few had been
produced about the American Revolution

Apart from Al Pacino's 1985 film Revolution, the Academy Award-nominated 1776, Cary Grant's
The Howard's of Virginia, and Abbott & Costello's The Time of Their Lives, there's not a lot to watch. 

Dynamic battles, personal skirmishes,  sword fights, romance, and gorgeous set pieces are all
safe for families: a recipient of the Dove Seal of approval for ages 12 and older. 

On behalf of TheArchive, please have a safe, healthy, respectful July 4th.

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