A Guide to Classic Horror Movies To Watch This Month: Part 2


Freaks, maniacs, monsters, and more.
Grab that Halloween candy and stream til you scream.
A whole list of recommendations below so keep reading.

100 Years of Horror brings you stories of freaks
100 Years of Horror brings you stories of scream queens like jamie lee curtis
100 Years of Horror brings you stories of giants
Our Sunday Night Pick:

horror classic film free streaming 4k one dark night
In part 1, we started with horror's beginnings, Dracula and Frankenstein films, early celluloid ghosts and witches. 

Now we move through through the back half of the list to unearth more freaks, maniacs, and monsters. So grab the candy you were going to give to the trick or treaters next week and let's get watching:

  1. Freaks: Horror film portrayals of physical deformity, including the Hunchback of Notre Dame. These pictures often featured actors with real deformities or disabilities - the fear of someone different.
  2. Scream Queens: Jamie Lee Curtis and Fay Wray, mostly known for their iconic screams on camera, these actresses and others discuss their experience on set and the challenges that they faced when having to maintain fear and terror on set.
  3. Girl Ghouls: Female antagonists in horror films. Historically, villains and heroes were exclusively played by males whereas women often played into sexual stereotypes. 
  4. Maniacs: Maniacs, lunatic killers, and slasher films, including Silence of the Lambs and Peeping Tom - how cinema works to represent insanity, madness, and terror.
  5. Gory Gimmicks: Myriad gimmicks used to enhance terror in horror films including Technicolor, 3-D, and electrical shocks; giveaways and movie tie-ins to attract more audiences.
  6. Sorcerers: Magicians and Satanism in horror films conjured certain props and special effects to create the illusion of magic, sorcery, and devil worship.
  7. Aliens: Aliens in horror films from the 1950s to the early 1980s, focused on different cinematic interpretations - "The Thing," "It Came From Outer Space," and "Alien."
  8. Mummies: Mummies in the history of horror films and how the mummy was understood visually.
  9. Zombies: Zombies including those based on Seabrook's The Magic Isle.
  10. Mad Doctors: The age old saying "do no harm to your patient" does not apply to these on-screen maniacal medics and other cinematic depictions of mad doctors, genetic manipulation, torture, and horrific experiments.
  11. Man-Made Monsters: Man-made monsters and the man-made monster genre, often centering around medical accidents and experiments gone wrong.
  12. Giants: Size matters, whether giant or small. 
  13. Dinosaurs: Dinosaur films including "The Lost World," "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms," and "Godzilla." 

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