Fat Legs and Broken Hearts

Sometimes love grabs you by the legs and asks you to sit down and commiserate. Fat Legs from TheArchive is free, in 4K and the perfect companion to a pint of ice cream.

For our heroine Anna, it has been a year since she and John split, but things for her aren’t getting any easier. She isn’t landing auditions, and the mounting pressure from her parents to find a more stable career is starting to get to her. 

Dreading the uncertainty of her future Anna travels to Paris to the home of her best friend, Jean.

Jean has given up the dream of acting for a stable paycheck and idyllic life with his partner Phillipe,

however, Phillipe’s dying mother has caused for some turmoil recently. Eager to find a distraction from his own problems, Jean shifts his time and attention to helping Anna who herself is devoted to another task entirely. You'll have to watch Fat Legs to find out more.

If you have not fallen madly in love with Fat Legs by now, we suggest you search TheArchive until you find your match! In free 4K no less.

Here's to love TheArchive style!

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