Hollywood Legend and Adventurer

TheArchive has pulled out another gem, The Remarkable Life of John Weld.

It's quite a beautiful true story narrated by the incomparable Peter Coyote who plays John Weld in voiceover. Peter has done amazing voiceover work prior to this for many Ken Burns films and if you have not listened to it, don Miguel Ruiz' The Four Agreements. Brilliant stuff.

With gorgeous recreations, original footage, and docu-style interviews with friends, family, and colleagues The Remarkable Life of John Weld takes you through the journey of a man never deterred by challenge.

Fueled by his unwavering positive spirit, John was propelled into adventures with some of the most influential figures of the early 20th Century.

Love of his life Gigi Parrish who after marrying John, changed her name to Katy Weld

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, John worked his way up through the ranks from extra to respected stuntman, doubling some of the most prominent stars of the silent era like John Barrymore, Tom Mix and Buck Jones. 

Weld went on to be a reporter for the New York Herald Tribune in Paris and the New York American and New York World in New York City.

Weld became a prominent best-selling writer (mentored by James Joyce) and of such novels as Don't You Cry for Me (based on the Donner party) and the autobiographical Young Man in Paris and biography of his friend Walter Houston, September Song.

Weld also wrote screenplays for Columbia and Universal, served as director of publications for the Ford Motor Company and even owned Ford dealerships California.

From humble beginnings as a cliff-jumping background mermaid to a critically-acclaimed journalist, screenwriter, and best-selling novelist, John Weld led a remarkable life

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