Top 5 Rare Christmas Movies from the TheArchive

This holiday season, kick it rare, retro, and old school with TheArchive.
  1. UNLIKELY ANGEL: Dolly Parton plays a country music singer who meets an untimely demise and learns she can’t enter heaven until she performs a good deed back on Earth. To earn her wings, she must find a mother for a widowed father and his two children in this endearing film of hope and love.
  2. THE CHRISTMAS STALLION: When Gwen’s grandfather dies, he leaves her the farm and horses that they’ve raised together, but places her under the legal care of her uncle. When a greedy land developer pesters the family, a decision regarding whether to sell the farm rests solely on her uncle’s shoulders.
  3. SPEND THE HOLIDAYS WITH LIBERACE: Liberace invites us to his Thanksgiving musical celebration, playing both songs that invoke the spirit of the season and classic hits. With help from a string quartet led by his older brother George, Liberace serenades a live turkey as a farewell commemoration.
  4. CHRISTMAS LILIES OF THE FIELD (1979): After having recently come home from war, Homer returns to the chapel that he helped build years before. Inspired by a nun's faith and selfless devotion, he builds an orphanage and school for the children who have taken refuge there.
  5. CHRISTMAS FROM HOLLYWOOD: A look at how Hollywood has portrayed Christmas, featuring the Hollywood Christmas parade, clips from movies about Santa Claus, and Christmas carols sung by movie stars and more.

Happy Holidays from TheArchive!