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Top Ten Rare Christmas Gems for the Whole Family

This holiday season, you have these last ten Christmas movies to watch and then you've seen them all! Who needs Netflix or Disney+ or Hulu when you can bask in the streaming nostalgia of rare, retro, and old school classics exclusively on  TheArchive . For free no less!  CHARLES DICKENS A CHRISTMAS CAROL : How do we not start with the best? Does this one really need explaining? Grab a kid, hopefully your own, and enjoy a journey through time that will take you back. THE CHRISTMAS STALLION : Horses. Snow. Sad. It's the joys of the holidays. When Gwen’s grandfather dies, he leaves her the farm and horses that they’ve raised together, but places her under the legal care of her uncle. When a greedy land developer pesters the family, a decision regarding whether to sell the farm rests solely on her uncle’s shoulders. SPEND THE HOLIDAYS WITH LIBERACE : This one's a serious throw back and oozes nostalgia thicker than the Macassar oil on Lib's hair....Liberace invites us to his