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Occult and Evil in the Horrors of Vietnam

In M.I.A. A Greater Evil, a group of American college students embark on an expedition in search of gold throughout the war-torn jungles of Vietnam. The college students (Valerie Bentson, Sarah Ball, and Mark Matula) are joined by their Geology professor in search of gold along a river in Vietnam. 

With past stories of French gold miners finding riches within the waters, their intrigue is not deterred by rapids, detoured routes, or talk of the War and its ominous presence over the area.

But their dreams of riches quickly unravel when an unintended detour leaves the group lost and wandering where many before them have curiously disappeared.  

One of the students points out that her grandfather was a missing POW. Settling around a campfire after taking a detour, the group talks about the war and its mysteries, with some of the characters ignorantly brushing off the past. 

Things take a horrifying turn when someone appears mysteriously at their camp site, and it is revealed that they are los…