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13 Reasons Why There's 100 Years of Horror: Part 2

Happy Halloween!
With that out of the way, in the 13 reasons why list part 1 we released Friday the 13th, we started with horror's beginnings, each of the first 13 through Christopher Lee's deliciously dulcet and altogether creepy tones.
Now we move through through the back half of the list to unearth more freaks, maniacs, and monsters. So grab the candy you were giving to the trick or treaters and let's get watching:Freaks: Horror film portrayals of physical deformity, including the Hunchback of Notre Dame. These pictures often featured actors with real deformities or disabilities - the fear of someone different.Scream Queens: Jamie Lee Curtis and Fay Wray, mostly known for their iconic screams on camera, these actresses and others discuss their experience on set and the challenges that they faced when having to maintain fear and terror on set.Girl Ghouls: Female antagonists in horror films. Historically, villains and heroes were exclusively played by males whereas women of…